Below is a download of Striking for all users needing a copy in order to commence the update process to Striking MultiFlex, and instructions on what to do in order to update:

Here are the major steps:

1) If one can, do a complete site backup or confirm with one’s host that they have one, so if things go really fubar, one has an easy fallback.

Also for easy quick access save all of the following:

  • Go to the Striking General Panel -> Custom CSS and JS tab.  Copy all your custom css and JS into a text document on your desktop and then remove any custom css from your custom css fields that is positional related, or is for colorbox or a slider that does not exist in the responsive theme.  If you are in doubt, then remove it all from the custom css field after saving your copy of it.
  • Go to the Striking General Panel -> Google Analytic tab and copy your custom google analytic code into a text document for backup.
  • Go to the Striking General Panel -> General Settings tab, and if you have the Top Widget Area set to html, copy that content into a text doc for backup.  Also do the same if you have the Sub Footer Widget Area set to html, again copy and save that content into your text document.
  • Go to the Striking Advanced Panel -> Archive Settings and copy any custom archive titles and archive text into your text document.
  • Go to the Blog Panel -> Search Result Tab, and save the custom content (if any) you might have in the “Nothing Found Text” field.
  • Finally! Go to the Striking Advanced Panel ->Import & Export Tab, and take all the content sitting in the Export Field, and copy and paste it into a text document so it is saved.  This funny looking code in this field is all your theme admin panel options converted to base 64 code including all the above customizations which we had you create backups.  So now you are exporting it in its entirety.  IMPT: Make certain you have word wrap (its an option of txt documents) off!  Otherwise forced breaks are entered into the code when it is pasted into the txt document, which immediately breaks all this code ->it would then import with errors.

All your theme settings should carry over during the update, but all the backups above are for the “just in case” scenario where they do not.  If you encounter any issues where the settings are not taking effect after updating please let us know immediately.

2) Its no longer necessary to change over your sliders, the update script should do it automatically. 

3) All widgets and sidebars now transition so no special precautions should be necessary.

4) Likely no user is still using timthumb, but if it is on, turn timthumb off, and turn on clear cache, and save the Advanced panel.  You will not be using timthumb again and it is removed from Striking MultiFlex completely.

5) SUPER IMPORTANT – If using the child theme, deactivate it by activating

Now you should be ready to install Striking MultiFlex by using the install theme wp panel. So install it and activate it.  Striking R is a big theme since it has a lot more help content, and so if you are on shared hosting you will often run into a situation where it fails to load due to its size.  In this situation you have to upload the unpacked theme by ftp instead.

Striking MultiFlex is a separate theme framework.  So if you are installing by ftp, you copy over the “striking_r” folder into the themes folder.  Do not copy any of the files from “striking_r” into the existing “striking” folder as you would then be mixing 2 different themes, and create huge problems!

6) After installation and activation, immediately go and clear the cache, and then go to the Striking color panel, and save it (Generates a new skin file for the site).  Remember that if you have a caching plugin running, you will need to flush all of its caches as well.

7) Now go to the Striking General Panel, and turn on one’s wp custom menu (assuming one was using this feature prior to the switch) – this setting sometimes does not carry over from theme to theme so it has to be turned on again.

8) If you had to do step 7, then go to Appearance/menus, and set your custom menu for your header and footer again.  The custom menus are there, just not set to show.  So they have to enabled again.

IF FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER AFTER UPDATING YOU ENCOUNTER AN ISSUE, JUST GO RE ENABLE STRIKING REGULAR AGAIN.  BUT DO NOT TRY TO UPGRADE A 2ND TIME WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST AS WE MAY HAVE TO EXAMINE YOUR DATABASE FOR ERRORS. The good news is that this is unlikely to happen (we hope!).  If for some reason you do have to go backwards, have a separate tab with your dashboard open prior to re-instituting Striking 5222, as you will need to go to pages with sliders and reset the sliders and save them again or those pages will error out.

Now import the custom css again if you removed it in step 1.  Here it may be necessary to make some adjustments as responsive css can be different.  For example, if you were specifying centering your logo, now you have to change this so that it centers only for a particular viewport. 

We normally suggest leaving any css adjustments until everything else is done.

9) The only remaining step at this point should be to set new sliders for any pages which you have a slider in place.

It may seem like a lot of work the above steps, but most are very simple steps, and all of the above is much easier then building a new site from scratch.  My last runthrough of the above took me about 4 minutes.

If you have any issues, post back.  We are very interested in this of course.

Best Regards
Striking Team